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Going home to a beautiful garden where you can spend the entire afternoon just sitting or reading a book is something most homeowners would want. That or it could be going home to a backyard where you can play with your kids or pets as you bask in the sun.

If you are a homeowner who has a garden, patio or backyard, then consider this – what if your outdoor space can be made more beautiful and relaxing? This is absolutely possible!

With the best decking installation services, your outdoor space can be transformed into something you couldn’t have imagined. Luckily, Ipswich Decking Builders is the top one-stop shop for all your decking needs.

Our services at Ipswich Decking Builders are comprehensive enough to include deck design, material selection, installation, maintenance and repairs. We in-house expert deck builders who are qualified and highly skilled to do the decking services right the first time.

In our years in the decking industry, we have made a lot of decks in both commercial and residential areas in Ipswich and in areas nearby. Our decking installations are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they are also highly functional. Also, we make sure that each decking is made to fit the budget and needs of our clients.

Our professional deck builders specialise in timber decking boards and composite decking boards. Each material has its own set of unique features that can perfectly suit your requirements. With the limitless style and color options for the decking boards, our team is more than willing to help you pick the right material.

If you want that warm and classic look, then timber decking is for you. On the other hand, if your approach is more on the contemporary side, then composite decking is for you.

We pride ourselves in our quality decking supplies and services, yet we strive to improve our performance to give nothing but the most competitive and unparalleled decking experience to our clients.

Have you ever thought of improving your outdoor space? Then, a deck installation is the best solution for you. Reach to our team today, and before you know it we have made your dream deck come to life.

Decking Installation Cost

Decking installation costs heavily depend on the following two main factors:

→ Shape and size of your target outdoor space – this further determines the number of days by which the project is to be done.

→ Type of decking materials used – commonly, you can choose from softwood timber, hardwood timber or composite boards.

The average cost for a typical decking Ipswich installation starts from £1000 to £2000.
● For a softwood deck, it will cost you around £1000 to £1200.
● For a hardwood deck, it will usually cost around £1500 to £1700
● For composite decks, it will cost you from £1900 to £2000.

timber decking

Decking Installation Options​

We, at Ipswich Decking Builders, know that certain limits bound our clients. Among others, the most significant is the budget which hinders commercial and residential owners from fully executing the deck designs they have planned out.

It is for this reason that we offer personalised design and installation services. By doing this, it will enable us to work our way around your budget, and still achieve that beautiful decking design according to your plan, without detriment to the overall quality.

The material options you can choose from are timber decking or composite decking boards; each having its special features that set it apart from the other.

Timber Decking

Timber is one of the crowd favourites used as a decking material. In deck fittings, our expert deck installers at Ipswich Decking Builders will help you pick the best one. We guarantee you that we only use high-grade softwood or hardwood timber for that natural classic finish that will stand for many years. Our timber decking boards are treated properly to ensure their longevity and durability.

Softwood Timber

Below are the benefits of using softwood as a decking material:

– since it comes in many styles, it is easily adaptable to designs; it also offers classic and contemporary looks.

– it is the least expensive decking material because it is easy to grow.

– If you a want no-hassle installation, then this decking material is for you.

– although it may not be as durable as the hardwood, but it can also last for a long time if it undergoes pressure treatment.

We give our customers who opt for softwood a 15-year warranty for damages caused by insects and mould. We do this to ensure that our clients in Ipswich Decking Builders get to enjoy our softwood deck installations for decades.

Hardwood Timber

Here are reasons why using hardwood as a decking material is beneficial:

– it can last you a lifetime when properly maintained and treated.

– it can withstand harsh outdoor elements, heavy traffic and mould.

– just like wine, it looks way better as it ages. To say the least, its beauty is timeless.

At Ipswich Decking Builders, we only use the best hardwood decking supplies from sustainable sources at reasonable prices. If you want to know more about this amazing decking material, give our experts a ring today.

Composite Decking

As decking materials get more advanced, so do the functionality and aesthetics of composite decks. Because of this, they have become a crowd’s favourite.

The cost of composite decking boards varies on their types and qualities. Ipswich Decking Builders only uses the best composite decking boards in creating the most beautiful outdoor decks in the UK. Below are the benefits of using composite decks:

– It really does not require much maintenance to preserve its look and quality.

– It provides a safer space for children and pets to play.

– It does not split or crack easily, so it could last you for more than 30 years.

– It comes in both timeless and modern styles, making it easily adaptable to your design. With this, your options are limitless.

– It is made from wood fibres and recycled plastics, making it sustainable and friendlier to the environment.

Our professional deck fitters at Ipswich Decking Builders can expertly handle composite decking projects regardless of its complexity. Our team has the right combination of skills, experience, knowledge, and cutting-edge technology.

Why Ipswich Decking Builders is the Best?

Nowadays, we know for a fact that there are multiple deck builders in Ipswich. Because of this, choosing which among them deserves your full trust is a difficult task. At Ipswich Decking Builders, we strive hard to be the top one-stop service provider of all decking supplies and services. Below are reasons why we are the best in the decking industry:

  •  Our services include the design or redesign decks based on your requirements and budget. With us, your ideas are always important and heard of. Reach out to our experts to express your ideas and preferences. We will work hand in hand to achieve that beautiful outdoor deck you have been dreaming of.
  •  Our team can work on all types of decking projects. For us, no decking project is alike. With this, we always take on the challenge no matter how complex the decking layout is.
  •  Our company offers a wide array of decking materials and supplies from the best decking manufacturers.
  •  Our company values honesty. This applies in everything that we do. For this reason, we do not charge hidden fees and our prices are always reasonable and competitive.

We, at Ipswich Decking Builders, are looking forward to working with you. Allow us to bring your dream outdoor deck to reality. Our lines are always open, so pick up your phone and call us.

FAQs about Decking Installations

The answer to this will ultimately depend on the material type you used. Is it timber or composite? Generally, a deep cleaning is required once every few months to keep it in shape. It is important, however, that you only use the cleaning materials and tools that are safe and recommended.


Also, you need to regularly check for cracks or chips to avoid accidents. If such exists, address them immediately. The checkup must also ensure that screws, nuts, and bolts shall always be kept tight.

As mentioned, each type of material has its own features and characteristics. One material might stand out more than the other depending on what you require for your outdoor deck. For a cheaper option and easy installation, softwood decking will work best for you. In terms of look, hardwood will give you a more natural, timeless look. For easy maintenance and for a sustainable option, then pick composite decking.

Usually, a small area of 15-square meter can be completed in 1 to 2 days. However, if deep excavation is required or if an existing deck needs to be removed, this might take longer than 2 days. The number of your people, the skills and experience of your staff and the tools used are other factors that affect the time of completion.

In terms of the material cost, decking installation is way cheaper than paving. This is because paving requires heavy labour and more materials. Also, paving is a much more complicated process than deck installation. When maintenance is put on the scale, decking requires more cost and more effort.

The overall cost of paving, which includes labour and materials, is undeniably more expensive than outdoor decking construction. When it comes to maintenance, however, you might end up spending more for decking.

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